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And Here It Is – 2017

Yep, yep, yep – the new year has come. I look at all that I let fall to the wayside last year. I look at the political landscape and the world in general. My response to both is “Oh my!” and not in the cool George Takei way. But we stand tall, shoulders straight, and we step forward to do what each of us can to make this world a better place.


Lost and discarded pets fill my Facebook news feed and I turn my attention back to where my education and advocacy began – the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). I need to get back to my roots – taking pictures of pups to replace their crazy scared intake photos. Be sure and check back to see the sweeties looking for their furever homes in 2017.


In the meantime, let’s take a look at a couple of long timers who are looking for their perfect family.

Lady Bell* (113184)

Lady Bell
Lady Bell

Yes, she’s chilling out in a great foster home, but she’s been in the system since June 2015 and she really just wants a family to call her very own. Lady Bell is no slouch and is looking for a home where she’ll get lots of training and exercise. Her foster momma says some of Lady Bell’s favorite things are “playing with other dogs, running, wrestling with other dogs, playing in the water, belly rubs, treats and chew toys.” Here are few pics of her enjoying life.



She does need a house rather than an apartment, and a good fence as she loves to jump. Also, small children and feisty cats are not a good match for her active, curious ways. So, if you’re looking for someone to do things with – agility, walks, runs, dock diving – contact Lady Bell’s foster momma at wcacfoster@outlook.com.


Junior* (124955)


Being a Staffy fan, I just can’t resist this face. Junior is a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who has been in the shelter system since November 2015. He’s currently in foster care getting lots of love and heartworm treatment.

He has what I consider classic Pittie traits, loves lots of human attention and just being a couch potato until you bring out his tennis ball or dinner bowl. He can be shy, so he needs slow proper introductions with both humans and dogs and would probably do best in a quiet home.

Email the shelter to talk with her foster family and get all the great details.

Remember, when you’re looking for that new family member, check out your local rescues and shelters. The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon until 6 PM. You can start your search by checking out the gallery here https://pets.wakegov.com/.

*click on a pup’s name to go straight to their page on the WCAC website

All About the Dogs

I’ve been contemplating how to mark National Dog Day today. I could tell you – or is it retell? – the story of spending the first half of my life terrified of dogs and how these days my life is all about dogs.

I thought about making a gallery of all the dogs that have graced these posts.

But that would go on and on and on and on …

Mostly I just want to share with you the dogs that have and do fill my life. These guys and gals can make me crazy, but I can’t imagine life without them. Heck, I don’t much know how I can vacation without them.

Happy National Dog Day!

So, don’t forget head down to your local animal shelter this weekend and find yourself a new best friend – preferably a dog. Wake County Animal Center is open every day from noon to 6 PM.

Do Something

I get into ruts, whether it’s eating, exercising, or volunteering at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). I go to bed telling myself that tomorrow I’m going to do something.

Last night after work I went to the WCAC to take pictures of some of the newer arrivals. It’s what I can do. Sometimes, especially when you see all that others are doing, it can feel like you’re being a real slacker. You need to ignore that voice because the combined effort of all our little works will make this world a better place. So do something – anything – even that small thing of sharing this blog post to promote these precious ones looking for their furever homes.

Ebony is an adorable smallish dog who was surrendered yesterday because her owners felt they could no longer take proper care of her. She’s six and a half years old. She’s a bit standoffish, but I can see sweetness and cuddles just below the surface waiting to spring forward when she finds that furever family she can trust again.

Sis is just three months old. She and her Bro came in as strays so it will be a few days before they’re officially available for adoption. Such a sweet little thing, just looking for that furever person who will love and train her.

Such a happy girl! Pixie is two years old and a perfect sized Pittie mix. And who doesn’t love a redhead? You know, every picture I took of this girl was fabulous, except the ones where she was a blur happiness.

Bebop’s kennel card says “I Heart Treats.” She does. A five-year-old girl with a lot of bounce who loves treats. Just imagine all the cool tricks she can learn being so treat motivated.

I have a friend who loves an underbite, so of course I had to take a photo op with Kiera. She’s seven years old and heartworm positive. She needs her furever family. I didn’t get a picture of her tail, but it just adds to her look of being part piggy.

Looking for a cat, but don’t like cats? Asiago is the boy for you, ‘cause he don’t want no stinkin’ cats in his furever family either. He’s six years old, but still a total ham.

Saffie and Megan didn’t have much to say to me. Then again, if I was a cat who was surrendered just a couple of days ago at 14 years of age I don’t think I’d be greeting every big head that came up to my cozy little cubby either.

And I ended with an oddity, a kitten who didn’t have an adoption pending sign on his kennel card. It’s rather curious. He is a super cutie and was very intrigued by the feather toy I used to play with him. Jimmy is just eight weeks old and has the coolest whiskers and eyebrows!

Share my post. Go down to the WCAC. They’re open daily from noon until 6 PM. Click HERE and become a volunteer – somebody had to cuddle these sweeties. Like the Friends of Wake County Animal Center Facebook page to hear about all the little (and big) things you can do to be part of the solution.

Labor (of Love) Day

Yes, I labored on Labor Day. And, yes, it was a labor of love. I was finally able to make one of the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) Dog Playgroups. It was fun to watch the different pups run, jump, roll, and wrestle until they were just too pooped to do anything other than flop on the ground with their tongues hanging out. It was even more fun to see a couple of pups I took pics of earlier in the week get to romp.

Ollie (ID: 122007)

If you visit him today he won’t be quite as white; he had a great time running and wrestling in the yard. This beautiful Lab mix is about four years old and weighs around 52 pounds. He’s tall and his fur is so soft.

Ollie (ID: 122007)
Ollie (ID: 122007)

He was very well mannered when we had our photo session and seems to know “SIT.” Also, he took treats very gently for a Lab.

He is heartworm positive, but I’ve come to learn that is not quite so scary as it sounds. There are different types of treatments at different cost points. Please stop by and visit Ollie. You’re bound to fall in love.

Jessica (ID: 122010)

Another sweetheart who was very well mannered for her photo shoot, and she hadn’t been at the Center long enough to go for walks. I was very impressed with how nice and calm she was in her kennel.

She’s a Hound mix who is around a year old and weighs 55 pounds. She’s got some long legs and a wonderfully expressive face.

Trudy (ID: 122015)

Two words – wiggle butt. Oh, my, gosh, she is absolutely adorable. And those ears! This little American Staffordshire Terrier mix is about three years old and is “recovering” from having puppies.

As much as she was scampering around me in the kennel wanting to play, she still sat so nicely to have her picture taken. No jumping, just scampering.

Charizard (ID: 122037)

Charizard (ID: 122037)
Charizard (ID: 122037)

Yes, he took some very funny looking photos, but he was such a good boy and easy to correct when he got a little too rowdy in playgroup.

A two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is a long-legged 52 pounds. Again, I am impressed with how good he was during his photo shoot.

Nalah (ID: 122076)

Another sweetheart, although she was most determined to escape her kennel when I had finished her photo shoot. Silly girl, she wouldn’t be the one to break my “no escape” record.

Nalah (ID: 122076)
Nalah (ID: 122076)

Her fur is like velvet and she’s a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who has some muscle on her and weighs 73 pounds.

I’m told she can be a little over-the-top when the Fido Fitness crew walk another dog past her kennel. Then again, she hadn’t been at the Center long enough to get out for walks. It’d torque me off if I saw others go by to have fun in the big outdoors and I was stuck inside.

Karen (ID: 122177) – Veronica (ID: 122176) – Sheila (ID: 122178)

I usually don’t photograph the puppies. After all, puppies are first to be adopted and they’re hardly there long enough for me to get my pics processed and uploaded. AND usually you can’t tell them apart enough to know who is who. But these three were just too cute with their fully bellies and snozzly attitudes.


As always, you can learn more about all the sweeties needing homes by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and browsing all those adorable mugs. You’ll find out particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and find the love of your life.

A Little Extra Help

I really thought that I would only be stepping outside of my comfort zone last week, but JD asked me to help with pics for dogs, and kittens, that needed to find a foster or rescue to take them in. A couple of hording cases had filled up the back rooms.

Luna (ID: 118986)

An elderbull, this sweet girl is a nine-year-old owner surrender. She has some masses on her body and needs socialization. The kennel atmosphere is not good for her as she spends her days shaking from all the crazy barking around her.

Chase (ID: 118989)

Chase is a four-year-old Terrier mix who needs to find rescue because he is very nervous and protective of his space.

Update: Chase’s freedom ride to foster care!

Thanks PRB for fostering!
Thanks PRB for fostering!

Moseyin Posey (ID: 119119) & Zero (ID: 119121)

These two adorable little Beagles are looking for foster or rescue to have someplace to heal from their skin issues. Posey is a six-year-old female, while Zero is a four-year-old male.

Update: Zero has gone in to foster care. Woot!

Zero's freedom ride to PRB's.
Zero’s freedom ride to PRB’s.

Ninja Nancy (ID: 119019)

Nancy is a 10-year-old Lhasa Apso mix who needs a rescue because of dental disease. She was quite the cutie begging treats and looking for attention.

Samari Steve (ID: 119020)

Nancy’s friend Steve is an eight-year-old Shih Tzu mix. He has dental disease and could use a spa day as well. He also needs someone who can work with him on being handled and put on a leash – time, treats, and patience.

Ryder (ID: 119148)

He just wanted to cuddle up in JD’s arms. He’s a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix who needs some time to heal from some skin issues. Okay, and maybe a spa day or two.

Santana (ID: 118968)

He has some beautiful markings and just needs someplace to land to let some of his skin issues heal. Oh, right, he’s a four-year-old Boxer mix.

Veronica (ID: 119122)

OMG, what an adorable pup! She’s a six-month-old AmStaff mix who got a booboo on her face during the ride to the shelter. She just needs a place to recover and lots of snuggle time. And a little training would be good for her too.

Tracy (ID: 119128)

The night I met her was her first night at the shelter. She was so frightened and stressed out. She has gone in to foster. You can tell from just this one pic how much happier this one-year-old Border Collie mix is.

Update: Tracy looking happy in her new foster home.

Thanks LD for fostering this girl!
Thanks LD for fostering this girl!

Take Action

Now let’s talk serious.

The Wake County Animal Center’s strong foster program, but more fosters are always needed. If you’d like to become a part of this family, and it is a family, please click on the following link – WCAC Foster Program – and fill out the foster application in its entirety. Once she’s had a chance to review your app, JD will be in touch to set up an orientation.



As always, you can learn more about all the sweeties needing homes by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and browsing all those adorable mugs. You’ll find out particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who needs you and who you need.

Who Needs You?

Chica (WCAC ID: 113177)

She is a beautiful little pup who’s about 8 months old. Chica loves to play with people and other dogs. Please stop by and visit her – she’s ready for love, a soft bed, and great training.

Shonda (WCAC ID: 113928)

Shonda is a sweet puppy who has gone through some rough times in the first 8 months of her life. She needs someone that will help her grow into the beautiful girl she is. She deserves a gentle touch and lots of love.

Wasabi (WCAC ID: 113967)

At a year old this little girl has a whole lot of puppy antics. She was so cute with the way she was bouncing around that I had to take a little video.

Mickey (WCAC ID: 114026)

If you’re looking for a little boy, this is your guy. He’s a year old and a charmer with those ears. I’d like to talk more about him, we had a very good time during his photo shoot, but I am distracted by those ears – I LOVE THEM!


You can learn more about these sweeties by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and looking up their ID number. You’ll find out all the particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who needs you and who you need.

It’s a Life, Not a Gift

The season of giving gifts is in full swing and although animal advocates talk a lot about how Christmas is not the time to impetuously give a puppy or kitten as a gift, it is a message that rings true all year long.

I’ve seen it time and again as a volunteer at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). All of us at the WCAC dread February and March when all the puppies and kittens adopted at Christmas show back up as an “unruly teenagers.” Marco will always stand out to me as the tragic story of so many “gifts.”

Here he is as a puppy that I photographed. Sweet, full of energy, your typical young Pittie pup. Months later he was surrendered back to the WCAC. He grew up. He got big. He had so much energy and was so bored in his kennel that he didn’t show well to prospective adopters. Volunteers and staff worked with him, but it was obvious that no one had worked with him as he grew. I watched his frustration grow and I watched him descend into kennel madness. Finally, he was a danger to the public and was humanely euthanized. He didn’t deserve that, but he was failed by humans who didn’t think and put into a puppy what is needed.

Also, realize, even the chillest older dog needs attention, activity, and affection from his pack. You are part of his pack.

That being said, if you are looking for your next canine companion, here are a few I’ve gotten to photograph the last couple of weeks.

You can learn more about these sweeties by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and looking up their ID number. You’ll find out all the particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who you connect with.